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1. with every generation we lose genetic data & there have never been any documented cases of a beneficial mutation that could be passed on.

2. math - lets say we've been here 1million years, & that our population doubles every 7,000 years (starting at 2). which means by now earth should have this population.

5,575,186,299,632,660,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (2^142)

at this moment im not saying the Man in the sky brought us here, but i am saying there is a problem with evolution & the timeline.

i'd also like to pose the question "if" evolution is wrong & creationism doesn't have its ducks in a row, what else is there?

we seem to have different fields of study that have came into their own independently, if our facts where straight the ifo. & evidences if true would seamlessly cross over & support another subject of study. why is it not always the case?
while pursuing other priorities my webcomic plot has taken a back seat. however I still think of it & where i want to see the characters going in their development & in their world. which led me to a great idea for a new land concept which im very exited about.

furthermore I re-found my appendix & updated as well as organized it a bit more, so yay!


United States
ive been past the quarter century mark. difficult to focus, memory is lacking. i make up for it in being socially awkward & creepy. i like outside. i am a jack of info., know some about alot but not alot about one thing.
somewhat open minded but not to the point of lacking in my convictions.

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