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Murderers – if they’re guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt they are put to death within 48 hours. If not, standard rules apply with a 5 year max jail time before execution.

Violent Rapist – bump it back up to the death penalty with above rules. None of the he “said, she said”/ “we were drunk” crap here.

Pedophiles – adults with children in middle school or lower grades, guardian’s choice of punishment. If it’s a 2-4 year difference & the parents are charging because of spite, refer to kids choice. Example: parents don’t like boyfriend & file charges because daughter is 16, this is BS. Some states have “Romeo & Juliet” laws that help negate dumb stuff.

Violent offenders – 3 strikes within ___ years equals state servitude or death (their choice).

Drug violators – receive 1 chance at rehab. Repeat offenders will have 1+ year in prison with mandatory state labor and rehab.

Non-violent offenders – will pay fine &/or receive time doing mandatory state labor.
State labor refers to manual labor work that would normally go to state appointed contractors, or help with said contractors. Labor also includes growing food for the self-sufficiency of the prisons & schools.

Three tier system – 1) armed guard “heavy” over watch.  2) armed guard “light” over watch.  3) self-regulated with check-in’s.

Prisons – for the time being criminals have lost your vested rights as a citizen. Prison will have electricity & running water. Inmates will be guaranteed 2 meals a day & in most cases 3 meals a day will be provided. Food will be provided by the labor of the inmates. No TV, no music, few books, they will get their work outs in the field. It is a punishment, not a pleasant hiatus from society.

Felons – lose the ability to vote & own weapons. I’d propose that in felonies dealing with money the felon may gain the ability to vote & own a weapon once they have righted the wrong & paid back the debt owed.
Congress (not the pres.) declares war for a reason. No bureaucrats on the field. We are there to do what it takes to win, if their countrymen don’t like it then maybe they should fight for their own country.

Military pay cuts is a scary thing, but there’s plenty of fat. Stay far away from soldiers pay and benefits. Talk to the grunts they’ll tell you what they need & don’t use. There are too many auxiliaries that do the same job, we need to combined them to cheapen the running cost. The military needs to be self-sufficient once again, get rid of the many jobs done by contractors. Stop all the uniform changes (holy crap, this one).

Stop throwing money at military government contracts such as planes, munitions, vehicles, etc..  Accept bids & if they don’t deliver fine them, if they need more money tough - they should have bid it higher, if they finish under budget – consider it a bonus.

All branches have 4 year contracts. If the military needs downsized there will be a decided number per paygrade (that have completed their first 4 year contract) that will be free to get out, shorten their existing contract with an honorable discharge (benefits pending),  or switch to national guard. If they have served 15 years they have the option to retire with an honorable discharge, full benefits, & half retirement pay.

The military is not a testing ground of equality & political correctness. Stop lowering physical standards to include lower denominators. War DOES NOT lower its standards, soldier must be fit to fight. Back in garrison they need a way to blow off steam (we are training people to take lives) stop the PC, censoring cadences because the verbalization of what soldiers do is offending other soldiers is… ignorant at best.

Dumb stuff happens. For the love of pete stop the powerpoints! Just because a soldier looks good at a board it sure as hell doesn’t mean they’re leadership material. There needs to be a more comprehensive way of NCO ranking. Points & boards shouldn’t have as much weight as they do.
War and Military Spending
budget cuts, watch out!
If you are coming to America because you don’t like how your country operates, yet live here as you would live in your own country and support ideals that would make the US reflective of the country you just left… your wrong, go back home.

We need immigrants that come here with the intention of becoming an American in the truest sense.

Immigration to be used as “charity” hurts also –…

I propose the number of Immigrants entering in the US needs to be dependent on the jobs that the states have available.

Immigrants will come in & be processed within a reasonable amount of time (to be determined),assigned a case worker (that will check in at least once annually), given a work visa & sent to the state that has requested workers (the immigrant can choose a region he/she wants to go to but is not promised, states take priority).

After _____ amount of years they may return to country, reapply for visa (there is a max amount of times), or gain citizenship.

During their time here they must maintain a good legal record. Repeated minor offenses will result in the revoke of a work visa & deportation, in which they may reapply after ___ years. Violent offenses & felonies will result in immediate revoke of visa & deportation with no chance to reapply.  They may not vote or be partakers of vested right exercised by citizens, until they maintain legal citizenship.

Natural born citizens who no longer wish to stay may be helped with deportation process & relocation on the premise of voluntarily revoking their citizenship status.

Now borders. The fed definitely has the chore of protect our borders, but they would be smart to work with our land locked states in this facet. Instead of a wall why not build towers with personnel (active, reserve, guard, maybe even militia) and military surveillance tech. anything that is not on the allotted path/roadway into the country will be shot. Each tower will be in line of site to the next.

Having soldiers stationed next to the border will boost the economies in towns nearest to them.
For those of you that don't now, I have a passion for civics as i pertains o how this country (USA) is run. I've been looking for a for a forum in which to jot down my solutions to the problems I've been seeing in this country (which will start showing up in my gallery). Discussions in his new gallery will be intended for presenting other solutions or genuine critiques to said proposals, anything else is not welcomed. I will be linking videos because there are people out there with more experience and better ideas that have the ability to articulate points much better than me.

just so folks will get an idea I stand for conservative, libertarian, & republican values.

my non debatable ideals are;
- the establishment of this country was set forth by Judaeo-Christian principle, so morals & ethics are not "subjective"
- anything that grants the federal government more power/authority is, in short, wrong
- this country was intended to be free, not safe.
- the fed is not your "baby daddy"
- plugging in other countries socialistic (or others in the like) ideas/programs do not work in this republic
- America is a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy

If good ideas are presented I may edit the post to reflect the input.

a question I may ask alot will be "does it feel good, or does it do good?"
which comes from here 


United States
ive been past the quarter century mark. difficult to focus, memory is lacking. i make up for it in being socially awkward & creepy. i like outside. i am a jack of info., know some about alot but not alot about one thing.
somewhat open minded but not to the point of lacking in my convictions.

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LookBacktoFour Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Concerning what you said about the approval of gay marraige ruining your life, where you said this:

it has affected my immediate surroundings, adoption agencies i will have used in the future, my family, the church i attend. it has created a major social rift & it's a direct attack on traditional marriage. 
it has been yet another over reaching dictate by the federal government that will have lasting negative effects many cannot even see yet.

they have confused a liberty with a right & continue to do so to feed us socialism... but it's all justified with twisted logic & ever changing man made morals.

And then you said this to somebody:

i know, its difficult to see past instant gratification. its cool, we all struggle with it at some level.

Tell me, has it ruined your life that much? Or is your life that worthless and meaningless that all you can do about it is cry like a stupid bitch?
wquon Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
fantastic rebuttal, I can see how you strive to articulate yourself. I dont see your frustration between the 2 statements, could you be a little more clear?

on your profile you seem to dislike trolling & hating, so whats the deal here? why do you have to go straight to profanity?

FYI I have a great life :D ,just trying to keep it that way for my posterity.
LookBacktoFour Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
But what I want to know is why exactly do you think that way about the legalization of gay marriage. Has it really wrecked your life as you say? Are you that negative about "instant gratification"? Why did you say all that stuff?
wquon Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
I've already retorted  great deal on "why I think that way" about gay marriage in this forum, so I'm not going to go over everything again.

no, it hasn't fully wrecked my life, but it IS a rather large part in the further blurring of many lines.
it's similar to a game of chess, (in general) it's not about the rook (or whatever piece) taking out your king, it's about all the moves that lead up to it.

instant gratification; lust, anger, greed, etc.
very few times is this harmless because it takes focus off the big picture & can often lead to a type of addiction depending on the circumstance.

now if you are surrounded by addicts who say you don't have a problem, are you still an addict. yes!
we are all addicts in some capacity, what makes the difference is acknowledging it & striving to better ourselves rather than accepting it & forcing society to do the same.

I hope this clears it up for you :)
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Novuso Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015
He has every right to be PO'ed at gay marriage. It is ruining society and if he works as a professional artist he may be forced to draw gay subject material to keep his job.
LookBacktoFour Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha... I see you don't have any answers for me, you worthless piece of shit. Goes to show how credible you really are.
LookBacktoFour Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm going to ask you two questions:

1. How is it ruining society?

2. How exactly will he be forced to draw gay subject material to keep his job?

3. Are you just a homophobe who's probably in denial of being gay himself?
IronGateComic Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for following IronGate J, we greatly appreciate your support! If you'd like to check out the main site go to, there you can link with us on Facebook and Twitter and check out our Patreon site as well!

Best wishes;

Michael Campbell and William Leighton
InvaderKimmy Featured By Owner Edited Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the help :heart:
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